15-17 mai 2019 Angoulême (France)
Alice in Randomland: A mathematical adventure
Camila Brito  1@  , Salomé Martínez  1, *@  , Grecia Gálvez  1, *@  , Flavio Guiñez  1, *@  , Thomas Peet  1, *@  , Ricardo Salinas  1, *@  
1 : Center for Mathematical Modeling, UMI 2807 CNRS-UChile, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile  (CMM)  -  Site web
Center for Mathematical Modeling, Beauchef 851 Ed. Norte, Piso 7. Santiago, Chile. -  Chili
* : Auteur correspondant

The different nature of probabilistic thinking with respect to other areas of mathematics, coupled with traditional and rigid teaching models, makes the teaching of probability a real challenge for teachers. This article describes the design, characteristic and the underlying mathematical ideas of Alice in Randomland, which is an interactive mathematical story that promotes mathematics learning through a problem-solving approach, in which illustrations aid the visualization of math concepts and strategies. The storybook is complemented by an app for Smartphones that contains interactive mobile games to help children simulate experiments, explore and analyze problems, enhancing a visual discovery of the math ideas appearing throughout the story.

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